#037c Flag Wavers Cage

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1:32 scale pit walls for your slot car and scalextric track, based on the Monza pit walls, but you can make them your own with fence options.

Scalextric Pit Walls Monza 1:32 Scale Magnetic Racing Pit walls for Scalextric
(Above: Use the slider to see what the #037c Flag Wavers Cage could look like painted & unpainted)


This is what we call our Flag Wavers Cage section of our pit wall series. This can be placed anywhere along your pit wall to help make a cool scene. We took inspiration from the 2 cages that are found along the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza pit straight. If your going true Monza replica the there would be one of these at either end of your wall.

The cage over hangs the wall slightly making it the perfect add on for a start/finish flag figurine scene. The cage also comes with a removable stair case just in case you wanted to just place an old school ladder up to the cage – your call.

The cage is a challenging build but even a novice would be ok as long as they follow the instructions closely.

Its designed in such a way you can place slot car track either side and not loose any of the visible advertising boards, that being said if you didn’t want the front and rear advertising boards then use the extra blank one that comes with the kit and turn the smaller ones around for a blank canvas to work your magic on.

The wall features a step in the middle of the pit building side, railings and etched plug sockets on the inner wall for decoration.

There are 3 different styles of fencing to choose from. Classic, Replica Monza and Fork style so you can really customise your own wall. We will also supply a length of fencing with the walls which can be used for the standard and Monza fence types

We have worked hard to design the wall to hide the unsightly lugs you see on many other laser cut products on the market.

Each Wall is 204m long 66mm deep, 60mm high (not including the fence posts or the cage)

This Wall is part of our Expert Series, Click Here for more details about what makes it part of the Expert Series. This particular model, its just the cage that’s a little challenging, but it comes with plenty of spare parts just in case you need them.



Link to the instructions CLICK HERE
Your password is on the product label, also normally etched into the first piece of MDF

Figures not included 

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20.4 × 6.6 × 6 cm

1 review for #037c Flag Wavers Cage

  1. Mark Horwood (verified owner)

    An amazing product and pretty unique as unable to find anyone else who produces this. I found it goes really well with the start gantry, also available from Magnetic Racing. The customer service has been outstanding and I would certainly buy more from them but will need to extend my track first!!
    The flag wavers cage is not that difficult to assemble as long as you follow the very detailed instructions provided. Slow and steady is the way to go and there are plenty of spare parts to cover any mishaps. I actually used a PVA glue which took longer to dry but allowed for a little more adjustments during construction.
    In summary, great product, great company and a very pleased customer.

    • Magnetic Racing

      Thanks for the feedback Mark ?

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