About Us

We, at Magnetic Racing, are extremely proud to be leading the way in producing an ever expanding range of laser cut buildings and accessories for the slot car enthusiast.

We have designed from scratch each and every building in our range and can safely say we produce some, if not the best, quality laser cut buildings for the slot car industry.

Our buildings are double skinned where possible, and if they are not then every effort has gone into the design process to hide the unsightly lugs you see on many other buildings on the market of the same type.

So rest a sure, when purchasing from us, you will have a quality product straight from the box that, if you wish, doesn’t even need painting to look good.

We also supply in depth instructions, with high detail colour photos, to make the building experience fun and rewarding; these are available with a password supplied with your kit and also in PDF format for you to download and print.

The other side of our business is the great ‘Magracing system’, which is a patented system of scale model car racing using radio controlled cars racing on small indoor tracks suitable for home, garage, basement, etc. We will be developing this during 2021, so watch this space. In the mean time check out some of the videos and pictures and if you have any questions or queries at all please contact us.

Early on

Magnetic Racing was set up by Chris and Martin around 2016. In September 2020 they sold the business to the team at ThinkScalextricEvents.co.uk


Since Think Scalextric have taken over, we have designed more products and increased the range of buildings we offer. We have also added some resin printed products which complement the buildings; such as desk items and fire extinguishers to name just a couple. We also have items, such as window frames and stairs, to help scratch builders out there.