What is MAG Racing?

Magnetic Racing, or ‘MAG Racing’, is a patented system of scale model car racing using radio controlled cars racing on small indoor tracks suitable for home, garage, basement, etc.

The system was developed by Wes Raynor after a lifetime of slot racing and r/c car design and manufacture, because existing systems of small scale indoor racing have shortcomings. Slot racing has unrealistic tracks with slots and pick up tapes, speeds are excessive and driving skills are limited to speed control or pressing a button to change lanes. Free running radio controlled cars, in small scales such as 1:32, cannot be controlled accurately enough to enable cars to follow the racing line through corners or to overtake without serious risk of hitting the other car or leaving the track. Videos on YouTube such as ‘Mini z outdoor oval’ will show what we mean.

MAGracing cars can be steered to follow a perfect racing line, can be driven at high speed in close proximity to other cars and can overtake without fear of hitting the other car.

The track width is around 7” (18cms) and the track area can be as small as 39” (1mtr) by 120” (3mtrs). Up to 16 cars can be raced using easily switchable frequencies and cars are steered to racing lines and lane changes with a steering wheel on the transmitter pistol. The recent addition of reverse now enables cars to race without the need for track marshals as cars can be driven back onto the track/wire from any ‘off’ situation.

Car and radio power is by a single low cost AAA lithium ion battery. Run times are in excess of 20 minutes, car battery change in a pit stop takes 4 seconds and re-charge time is approx. 30 min.

MAG Racing: In More Depth
MAG Racing Track Building
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