#022w Modern Pit Building with Podium

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This Modern Pit Building with Podium fits with our Modern Pit Building range and is perfect for making the ideal podium scene.

Our 1:32 scale Modern Pit Building with podium is ideal if you want to create a track of recent vintage! The building displays an up and over style door. The panel can be removed from below if you wish to have the pit garage door open. Above the garage is a generous podium area which is accessed using the finely detailed stairs at the rear of the building. We have also constructed the kit so the top roof is removable for access to the interior of the second floor.  Unlike many other kits we have also added detail to the upper roof. This is the section of the building that is most visible when using your track, so deserves extra attention and detailing. The buildings are best if installed in a row to complete the pit lane.

The garage is wide for a single F1 style pit, but can also accommodate two cars side by side if needed. The opening is 144mm wide x 83mm tall

The Modern Pit Building is 180mm Wide x 275mm Deep x 230mm Tall.

Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 5 cm


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