NEW MULTI PACK: 6 Marshals 1:32 Scale (painted)

6 Marshals Multi Pack Painted from Magnetic Racing

We know that some people aren’t a fan of painting figures, so we have this multi-pack of 6 painted figures to save you time and to help you on your way to keeping the fans and drivers safe.

Product Link: 6 Marshals Multi Pack 1:32 Scale (painted)

3 thoughts on “NEW MULTI PACK: 6 Marshals 1:32 Scale (painted)

  1. Martin Underwood

    P. S. I forgot to ask how much a pack of 6 track Marshals would cost and could they be produced/painted in 1/64 scale?

    In addition, if I was to place an order, would I be allowed to request two flag wavers – one yellow flag, one green?

    Stay safe,

    Martin Underwood
    Torquay, Devon
    United Kingdom


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