#005e Reims-Gueux Pit End Modules (All Scales)


#005E Reims-Gueux Pit End Modules are perfect for the classic looking pit lane, they come from a whole series of Reims-Gueux Pit Buildings that fit together really well.

We describe here buildings modelled after the Circuit de Reims-Gueux pits in France. They are however similar to pits used at many circuits and we have added in optional stairs at the rear to make them suitable for any track. This type of pits (without the pit lane) was used from early on in the 1900’s and the one at Reims-Gueux was still in use in 1966 for the French Grand Prix. Sports cars were still using this configuration of pits until 1969 and motorcycles continued there until 1972.

Our pit buildings are supplied in modular form, so with the purchase of additional centre sections your pits could be of any length. By purchasing just the end sections will give you a pits with 4 bays. The centre modules are sold separately, so each one you buy adds another two pit bays.

The upper hand rail is left uncut so you are free to move the rear stairs anywhere along either as a single, or multiple stair configuration. Of course if you are placing these at the back of your track, you have the option to leave them off completely. As with the original building, the leading pit end is gated, but the other end is left open for access. The walls are detailed with bricks where required. (The ends of the original building are rendered). They are a simple building, but if painted and decorated with the various racing logos above the front opening can make a centrepiece for any track.

The 1:24 scale model end buildings are 284mm Wide x 139mm Deep x 176mm High (Each building)

The 1:32 scale model end buildings are 213mm Wide x 104mm Deep x 132mm High (Each building)

The 1:43 scale model end buildings are 159mm Wide x 78mm Deep x 99mm High (Each building)

The 1:64 model end buildings are 108mm Wide x 52mm Deep x 81mm High (Each building)


Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 21.3 × 10.4 × 13.2 cm

1:32 (Standard slot car scale), 1:43, 1:64, 1:24


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