Build Instructions for the #039fp Goodwood Flag Wavers Post

Take your time getting the pieces out of the frames, some of them are delicate. Once they are all out use a little bit of light sand paper of small file to flatten the little nodes left behind.

Start with these 5 pieces, always dry fit to check the fit before applying glue. especially if you have painted the parts first you may need to rub down the parts that go into holes.

There are 5 steps and 5 large kick boards and a slightly smaller one with an etched line along it. The pictures only shows 4 kicks boards there are 5 in the kits.

Start with the kick boards, we will do the small one last. after we have done the steps.

The bottom step is the one with the fence holes and it will over hang like second picture below.

Now we can add the little kick board.

Stick these together in pairs to make 6 posts, take your time as if they are not lined up well the hand rails will be difficult to put through the holes.

Its not essential to glue the hand rails to the posts but if you want to make sure they line up with the holes well first.

now to choose either a plain sign or the magnetic racing sign.

Now you have finished you can add your flag waving marshal.

Please share your finished post to social media and Tag us @MagneticRacing