Gallery of completed models by our customer

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#002 Reims Gueux Timekeepers Hut completed by Steve Scwindt (Minnesota USA)

#002 Reims Gueux Timekeepers Hut by Howard Bartrop (UK)
 Howard has modified the stairs to an open step design and added additional sheets on the roof to enhance the detail.

#002 Reims Gueux Timekeepers Hut by Jeff McCown (USA)
  Another brilliant build by Jeff in his distinctive Almond and Orange paint scheme for the Coyote Lakes Raceway. The building has interior detail and LED lighting

#002 Reims Gueux Timekeepers Hut by Frank Wilhelm (Germany)
  Frank has completed his building leaving some of the MDF exposed around the windows. He has also added doors and window glass. The roof is a masterpiece with his own timbers, fallen leaves, chimney and downpipe (Which I suspect is a drinking straw carefully disguised!). Frank tells me the building has LED lighting and even a smoke generator.