Information on the #028 Texaco Billboard


Our 1/32 Texaco Billboard is of imposing size and is supplied complete with illuminated sign , control board and battery holder. It is possible to control the flashing of the sign using 46 different patterns. At the rear of the billboard is an accurately modeled support structure representing a metal or wooden trellis. This makes the billboard an attractive model from any angle. The front is etched to represent wooden planks.

The billboard is powered by 3 x 1.5v AAA batteries supplying 4.5v to the control board.

To view the sign in action  instagram page here

The sign illumination is quite bright, but for the best effect should be placed in a more shaded area of your track. Direct sunlight is not recommended.

The Texaco Billboard is 120mm Wide  x 54mm Deep x 230mm Tall.